Image Expand logo for Google Slide Chrome Extension

Image Expand for Google Slide

A Chrome extension to help Google Slide user to expand any Graph, Table, Image to Full Screen.

Work both
– Presentation mode
– Edit mode

Developped for Google Slide

This Extension let you expand any Images to full screen. This is an alternative to Zoom In & Out of Google Slides

Soon featured We hope
Image Expand logo for Google Slide Chrome Extension
Zoom in images google slide table v2
Expand Zoom IN

Give you the choice to expand a specific graph, table or image

Easy to use

Make your presentation with Google Slide more Dynamic

  • Focus on the right information
  • Enable multiple table on a same google slide
  • Make your presentation cleaner
Zoom In Images in google Slide graph v2

Expand & Collapse images

Easy to use

Image Expand logo for Google Slide Chrome Extension

Privacy Policy

  • No Personal data are collected
  • No Data or information from your google slides are collected
  • No cookies are stored on your browser
  • “Reading your browser history” permission that the extension use is to enable the feature of the extension itself > No data are collected.


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