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19 nov 2022

Brussels- Belgium


New Image Expand for Google Slides for Best Graphs, Spreadsheets and Table Images.

Free Chrome extension expands design and organization possibilities for 2 billion users


Image Expand will show off graphs, spreadsheets and tables so that even those in the back row of a conference, classroom, teleconference, can see every detail. 

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BRUSSELS – November 22, 2022 – Noccito today announced the launch of its free Google Chrome extension that offers creative designers optimal animation and interactivity. Image Expand allows the user to enlarge or contract images to impress during all sorts of presentations. The extension works on any Google Slides template or theme and is ideal for instructors and teachers. Two billion Google Slides users now have an opportunity to enhance images to make a great impression.

The extension has just been awarded a Featured badge, which is assigned by the Chrome team to extensions that follow their technical best practices and meet a high standard of user experience and design. Chrome team members manually evaluate each extension before it receives the badge.

The tool is meant to assist anyone presenting information and images to enhance and enlarge images to help focus a viewer’s attention while making a point. The extension is perfect for classroom use or during a video presentation. The impressive extension is essential for academic, business and financial presentations. It also works on Google Sheets.

“We are offering you an upgraded, superior alternative to zoom in and out of Google Slides,” said a Noccito spokesperson. “The extension allows you to expand any images to full screen without losing the sharpness of what you see, due to an image’s initial pixel count. It is easy to use and is a safe Chrome extension. ”

To zoom in and out in Google Slides, Noccito provides choices to expand a specific graph, table or image. It is very easy to download the Chrome extension and open Google Slides. The slide displayed on the screen becomes more dynamic, making it possible to focus on the right information. Users can also show multiple tables on the same Google slide for cleaner presentations.

Image Expand is free to the public from the Noccito design team and is intended for use as is. 

" 5 Stars & Life Saver for Presentation!"

"Ideal for Teachers, Business Presentations, Remove Training"

What it does?

It lets users Zoom In & Out of any Graphs, Tables, Images in a Presentation. It works both in Edit and Presentation mode. 

It is particularly useful for

  • For Teachers and Students. The teacher can dive in a specific graph or information to help students focus on a specific point.
  • For Financial presentation As a reader you can zoom in on a financial table to better analyse the figures.
  • For anyone designing or using basic process map. They are generally very difficult to read.
  • For Product introduction, where you can zoom in on some specific design of the product.

Who can use it?

It is a free secure chrome extension for Google Slides, so anyone using chrome can download the extension for free.

In terms of security

It does not access or collect any data whether personal or other. It is actually a simple chrome extension, but the results makes such an impact in a presentation.

Zoom In Images in google Slide graph v2
Zoom in images google slide table v2

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